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Maharashtra State Electricity Transmission Company Limited, a wholly owned corporate entity under the Maharashtra Government is entitled to transmit electricity from its point of Generation to its point of Distribution. MSETCL owns and operates most of Maharashtra's Electric Power Transmission System. MSETCL operates a transmission network of 44715 Circuit KM of transmission lines and 652 EHV Substations with 119212 MVA transformation capacity. This infrastructure constitutes most of the interregional as well as intra-regional electric power transmission system in the State. Today, MSETCL is the largest state transmission utility in the country.


To achieve the targeted growth of transmission infrastructure in Maharashtra, MSETCL rigorously monitors the project progress throughout Maharashtra. To facilitate co-ordination between MSETCL and Contractors, Snehabandh, a web based proposal tracking system is developed. This platform enables the smooth tracking of the proposals initiated by the contractors.

Mr. Parrag Jaiin Nainutia, IAS, CMD MSETCL

R.D Chavan, Director (Project)